Corporate Responsibility is an integral part of our culture and reflects our values as a firm.  Through a combination of different initiatives and the way in which we operate our business, we seek to minimise our impact on the environment and to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate.  Our Corporate Responsibility policy sets out our commitment and we share our Corporate Responsibility experiences with our clients, suppliers and other organisations in order to further promote responsible business practices.

Diversity, equality & inclusion

We consider it important to promote values of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout our business. Within our first month of trading, we became a signatory to the Law Society’s Diversity & Inclusion Charter - the flagship diversity initiative of the legal profession which encourages law firms to develop and implement best practices in diversity, equality and inclusion.

Community investment

We aim to support and strengthen the local communities in which we operate, for example, through various pro bono and other voluntary activities. 

Our Managing Partner, James Moss, has for a number of years served, on a voluntary basis, as a trustee on the board of a Newport poverty charity, The Gaweda Trust.  He also helps out each year as a volunteer at Newport’s winter night shelter for homeless people.  

Each year we help raise awareness of a local charity and provide it with practical and financial support.  Our Charity of the Year for 2018 is Sparkle - a Newport based charity that helps children and young people from Gwent with a disability or developmental difficulty.


We seek to minimise our carbon footprint by:

  • operating a paperless office policy
  • using recycled or sustainably sourced office supplies
  • recycling all printer ink cartridges and used paper
  • using energy efficient office equipment
  • sourcing local suppliers where possible to reduce travel emissions
  • using tap water (rather than filtered or bottled water)
  • operating a strict ‘switch-off’ policy
  • making greater use of tele/video-conferencing
  • running a virtual office using the latest cloud-based technology

We are committed to making sustainable development central to all that we do. Within our first month of trading we became a member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance and a signatory to the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Development Charter.